Designed Objects

Designed Objects

John Marshall is a busy guy! His day jobs include Artistic Director of rootoftwo, Vice President of FAST-UK and Co-curator of Video In the Built Environment. John is also a Blogger and PhD candidate who shares his passion for design and 3D rapid prototyping technology on his blog Designed Objects. Designed Objects is his journey into exploring experimental objects and spaces in the pursuit of design via unconventional methodologies, which is also part of his PhD studies. In addition to his posts on fabbers, I’ve enjoyed learning about the following:

  • TechShop. I wish there were one here! But unfortunately for me this workshop is located in the Bay Area in California (Menlo Park) and is much too far for me and everyone else not residing in the peninsula. It sounds like a maker haven – a fab lab open to the public of all ages and all levels.


Now what do I like about this? When I saw this chart, this was the first thing I thought of: While this trend pertains to what learning will be like, I think many of the shift in qualities are reflective of our world of Web 2.0 and how businesses, including designers and artists who want to make a living from their designs and art, will have to focus on if they want to succeed. In particular, this is what I think Ponoko is doing. Take agile, ingenious, global, user generated content, community, and personalization. When designers become involved with the Ponoko community, they will no doubt reach a global one, where they can sell their designs and ideas easily since Ponoko will fabricate their wares and deliver, hence, allowing designers to be agile. Certainly sounds like peer to peer to me.

Great job on the blog John and good luck with your thesis!

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