CncSimulator: Measure twice, cut once

Ultra-realistic visualisation for milling, routing, drilling and more.

No matter how careful you are, mistakes can still happen. Surprises seem to have a way of popping up even after the most thorough preparations.

So instead of taking chances with that precious, expensive material you’ve been hoarding, how about simulating to your heart’s content before firing up the machine for the final cut?

Developed with the machining industry in mind, the CncSimulator provides full 3d visuals featuring a vast array of cutting tools and CNC machining processes. Still in the beta stages, the program contains a growing catalogue of CNC machine profiles so that users can refine the data to suit their own setup for an authentic, realistic simulation.

Who knows, perhaps some time down the line there will be add-in modules for DIY CNC devices to be simulated as well! Would this change how you make your own stuff? Or is “let’s see what happens this time” an important part of the fun when it comes to DIY digital manufacturing…

CncSimulator Via Gizmodo

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