Celebrate the year of the rat with laser cut envelopes


I really must get out more its July already and I only just found out that it’s the year of the rat. To celebrate this year’s zodiac animal, the Rat, Tram Pham and Dominic Andrea have designed a new laser-cut envelope featuring the rodent. Apparently the rat is a sign of leadership, charisma and order. The red envelopes are a traditional part of the Chinese New Year (February 7). Money is placed in the red envelopes and they are handed out during the Chinese New Year, usually adults give the envelopes to children. Apparently the first digit of the sum of the money given should be even as odd amounts are associated with the cash given at funerals. The envelopes are also commonly used for cash gifts at weddings or birthdays.

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I’m drooling over this post. Imagine making wedding invitations this way 🙂

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