Carving for the Masses

Look at these beautiful carved doors from Flickr. I’ve always admired the incredible detail and beauty that goes into work like this. Anyone can appreciate it, but it’s not the kind of detail you usually find in the average person’s home. There’s a reason for that. The artisans who create these kinds of work in many cases no longer exist. As well as the naturally prohibitive nature of carving – it takes so much time.

There is one other point that I think is important about carving for a home. It’s very personal. So personal in fact that most people wouldn’t consider doing something like this for their home unless it celebrated something about them, their family or their beliefs. To hire an artisan to undertake something like that for a family home, while I am sure would strike many as a wonderful dream (as it obviously did in the past), would seem extravagant now.

However, modern technology is getting us much closer to a point when you can have your custom carvings in any home. Below I have inserted a demonstration video of the Craftsman CompuCarve from Sears, which is also known as the CarveWright System. It’s a home based CNC machine retailing for less than $2000 which allows you to personally do the kind of carving you would have only dreamed of in the past. It comes with a software package that allows you to do your own design and while it’s had some tough reviews there are a fair amount of very positive reviews as well. It certainly opens up a new world to the home DIY artist as you can see from the extensive results they have on their own site. Of which the image below is one example.

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