Build a 3D printer at home (really)

Detailed instructions for a Stereolithographic 3D printer on Instructables.

Rob Hopeless has posted an Instructable showing how to build a Stereolithographic 3D printer at home as part of the Instructables contest to win an Epilog Laser cutter. If you read through the tutorial, I think you’ll agree that he is a serious contender in the competition.

He went all out on this Instructable. There is a parts list, including companies who sell every part, plenty of photos at every step, downloadable files for a CNC (ok, so you probably can’t do this part at home), and 3D diagrams explaining the assembly.

The advantage of stereolithography over the extrusion used by printers like the Makerbot and RepRap, is the relative ease of achieving extremely high quality prints. The downside is the UV-sensitive resin required to run the printer is quite expensive at around $200 per liter.

While the instructions are remarkably detailed, I think it’s obvious that this project is not for beginning makers or the easily frustrated. But if you have some ambition, this would be an amazing DIY project.

Via Hack A Day

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Matthew Crenshaw

Way to doubt the capabilities of your readers! “downloadable files for a CNC (ok, so you probably can’t do this part at home” I’ve got a big Tormach PCNC1100 mill in my garage just for such an occasion.

Edgar Castelo

It’s like Christmas, already! =D

Taylor Gilbert

I’m sorry Matthew, I didn’t mean to insult those who happen to have a CNC mill handy. I envy your tools. I have to go elsewhere for my CNC needs.

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