Bibliochaise for the Book Lover

Bibliochaise – Gizmodo

If you’re like me and love your books, this could possibly be thee reading chair for you! Just sit this baby in the corner by the window where you get some good light, settle in and pick one of your favourite books without having to get up! As for comfort, well, I’m not sure … I wonder if it comes with a footrest or ottoman of some sort. Another thing to ponder (as noted by Gizmodo) is that since it can shelve five linear meters worth of books, what kind of books would you use: the ones that you love, or ones that look good?
I think the idea of an “armchair library” is quite neat, but I’d have to try this one out for comfort. I prefer something where I can sink back with my feet up, rest my arms, and have a place for my drink.

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The Bibliochaise is by Nobody&Co.

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