Arduino Boards Run An Industrial Machine

If You Can Build It, Arduino Can Run It

Arduino’s massive success among the maker and hacker crowd is undisputed, but it’s usually seen more as something for experimenting and prototyping than a component for professional applications. JF Machines Ltd has handily proven that idea wrong with an industrial printer run by five unmodified Arduino boards.

The primary advantage of Arduino in this application over the controllers more typically used for commercial products is future-proofing. It’s very unlikely that Arduino boards will disappear from the market any time soon and, even if they do, there are plenty of knock-off boards that could be easily used as replacements. This means that JF Machines won’t have to unexpectedly redesign their machine, potentially saving an enormous amount of money.

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For the rest of us, what this means is that what you can do with an Arduino is limited only by your skill and creativity. The Arduino can handle pretty much whatever you can invent. And this Arduino guide can help.

Via Paul M Furley

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