An Air-Powered Robotic Tentacle Using Processing And Arduino

Soft Robotics At Home

Matthew Borgatti of HAR.MS made this slightly disconcerting yet undeniably fascinating prototype of an air-powered robotic tentacle. The tentacle itself is made of silicone, an Arudino and three solenoid valves control the flow of air that make the tentacle bend and twist. Borgatti also made a simple visual user interface with Processing to operate it.



“Soft robotics” like this have several potential advantages over the more traditional “hard” systems. A soft arm is more gentle with far fewer moving parts and is, in some ways, more resistant to damage that a typical robotic arm.


Via Flickr

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Fascinating effect.

(For what it is worth, that would be silCONE, not silicon)

Taylor Gilbert

Yes, you’re quite right. I left off the “e.” Thanks.

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