3D Printed DIY Engagement Ring

awwwwwww, sweet success.

I printed it with black ABS, and then printed a small white cube and set it with some magic glue eagleapex left at Hive.
I drew the 2d shape in gimp, then had a friend render it in 3d using sketchup (I fail at 3D). I made some adjustments using Blender for the final print.
She said yes! Now to get our MakerBot to print with white gold.

Congratulations Fynflood, here we see the perfect application of 3D printing for good instead of evil, compared to 3D printing handcuff keys….

Although, should the bucks night get out of hand it may be worth printing up a key as well. Fynflood has also been generous enough to share the file for the ring on Thingiverse.

Love spread via RepRap & MakerBot Blogs

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