30 Pencil Icosahedron Kit

Perfect gift for your nerdy nephew or niece.

By Michiel Cornelissen, the 30 Pencil Icosahedron kit, (plus 30 standard-sized hexagonal pencils), you can build an icosahedron-shaped object of about 38 cm or 15 inch in diameter.
Use it as a lampshade, or just have it around as a fun and educational object. What is great about this design is it incorporates a 3D printed product along with a standard existing product available throughout the world to make a fun and unique object.

It is easy to see how this same principle could be applied to incorporate readily available existing objects into your Ponoko based designs. By defining the connection points or the interconnected parts the possibilities become much more open and flexible, allowing for a level of consumer participation, customization and creativity.

Available form Michiel’s Shapeways Store starting at $79.72.

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