Make Magazine’s Makers Market & Boing Boing Bazaar Close Shop

8 October is the last day to shop!

Make announced yesterday that online indie marketplaces Makers Market and Boing Boing Bazaar will cease to be in just one month. Bottom line: they don’t make enough sales.

Seller and customer accounts will be accessible through 9 November, but shopping stops on 8 October.

Both sites have some really incredible items for sale. Here’s a selection of my personal faves. Snatch them up soon and send these marketplaces some farewell bucks.

1. notecards from Yeehaw Industries (I love them.) 40 cards for $60  2. ultimate embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching $30 3. sketchbook from Pocketo $26  4. flat-pack Korn Hole game from Hines Design Labs $149.95  5. brass rose ring from EDM Designs $65 6. solar modification kit from Sparkle Labs $18 7. stereo tube amp kit from Hobgob Electronics $400

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Yea – total bummer really… they may not have been making enough sales, but they sold about 10 times more of my stuff than all my other outlets put together.

I tried it a few months as well after being personally invited… the idea showed a lot of promise but in reality, it just didn’t work for me. I left after the “free trial” period expired. I think there were to big problems, one is their monthly fee + commissions were way too high vs alternatives like Etsy and second, their backend system was needlessly complicated.

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