Lynne MacLachlan’s Dynamic Laser Cut Jewelry

UK jewelry artist Lynne MacLachlan makes remarkably intricate 3D laser cut jewelry.

This remarkable bangle (above) and brooch (below) were made by Lynne MacLachlan out of laser cut white acrylic. I didn’t fully understand how she assembled these intricate forms out of what starts as a flat sheet of plastic, so I asked her about them.

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The pieces are laser cut white plastic, each section carefully planned and cut with a slot to fit together and glued in place to create the structure. Some of the gaps were then filled with resin to give the ‘plique-a-jour’ colour effect. The pieces were inspired by graphic patterns I designed on a vector drawing package based on drawings of plants and insect wings, my interest in geometry and architecture also has infuenced the style of these pieces.

These pieces were previously mentioned on this blog in the Start the New Year Spinning collection.

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Via: Flickr

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