Global Village Construction Set

Another wildly successful Kickstarter campaign: 10 days still remaining

We first came across Marcin Jakubowski’s incredible Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) back in April, following his well-received TED presentation. The concept of GVCS is one of those super-simple, too-good-to-be-true proposals that has real potential to change so many lives.

What is it all about? Imagine a modular, DIY, low-cost, open source, high-performance platform. One that makes it easy to fabricate all of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization complete with modern comforts.

The aim of the GVCS is to lower the barriers to entry into farming, building, and manufacturing. Its a life-size lego set that can create entire economies…

Like all good farmers, Marcin and the guys from Open Source Ecology have certainly been busy.

Opening their project to the hands of the public with a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, things are looking good for the first set of prototypes that have been developed.

Click through for more information about the campaign, as well as a deeper look at the Global Village Construction Set.  

What Makes the Global Village Construction Set so special?

Open Source– we freely publish our 3d designs, schematics, instructional videos, budgets, and product manuals on our open source wiki and we harness open collaboration with contributors.
Low-Cost– The cost of making or buying our machines are, on average, 8x cheaper than buying from an Industrial Manufacturer, including an average labor cost of $15 hour for a GVCS fabricator and using mail-order parts.
Modular– Motors, parts, assemblies, and power units can interchange.
User-Serviceable – Design-for-disassembly allows the user to take apart, maintain, and fix tools readily without the need to rely on expensive repairmen.
DIY – The user gains control of designing, producing, and modifying the GVCS tool set.
Closed Loop Manufacturing – Metal is an essential component of advanced civilization, and our platform allows for recycling metal into virgin feedstock for producing further GVCS technologies – thereby allowing for cradle-to-cradle manufacturing cycles
High Performance – Performance standards must match or exceed those of industrial counterparts for the GVCS to be viable.
Flexible Fabrication – It has been demonstrated that the flexible use of generalized machinery in appropriate-scale production is a viable alternative to centralized production.
Open Business Models – We encourage the replication of enterprises that derive from the GVCS platform as a route to truly free enterprise – along the ideals of Jeffersonian democracy.
Industrial Efficiency – In order to provide a viable choice for a resilient lifestyle, the GVCS platform matches or exceeds productivity standards of industrial counterparts.

It’s all laid out over at Kickstarter, including a thorough rundown on exactly where the pledged funds will be utilised. Considering that the funding goal has already been reached, it means we should see Open Source Ecology put the next phase into action.

Coming up next are eight machines that form the Microfactory, a flexible fabrication platform that enables a wide range of precision machining, cutting, welding, melting, casting, grinding, and forming operations as well as the creation of electromechanical devices.

And just like we’ve seen with Makerbot and other DIY community-driven systems, the iterative process will generate new and improved versions with every new group that jumps on board.

This is powerful stuff – combining the versatility and ingenuity that is the hallmark of the DIY community, with the dedication and drive that hits at the very core of human survival. It’s no wonder that people are taking notice.

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Edgar Castelo

Hate antything named “Global”, reeks of Illuminati, but aside from the dumb name, it’s a sensational idea!

Edgar Castelo

Hope this might help some, lots of free plans:

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