Volume 4: Rise Of The CNC

Comprehensive CNC resource now available on Amazon

Here is some great news for the digital manufacturing community. As a CNC evangelist Jon Cantin is in a league all of his own, and he has put in a huge effort to share his knowledge and expertise in the latest publication, volume 4: Rise of the CNC.

Imagine an encyclopaedic compendium of CNC know-how, covering topics from laser cutting and CNC routing all the way through to plasma cutting and 3D printing. It’s perfect for people looking to do their own laser cutting in wood, acrylic or metal and covers topics that even advanced makers will find insightful and valuable.

In this volume, infamous hardware hacker and DIY inventor extraordinaire Ben Heck kicks things off with a foreword that highlights how CNC technology influenced his own workflow and creative career.

So if the sound of 400+ pages of CNC knowledge has you on the edge of your seat, jump over to to find out more about volume 4: Rise of the CNC. The publication is now available as a digital download or in printed format from Amazon as well.


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With the new industrial revolution in home CNC or micro-manufacturing I wonder how long it will be before CNC Engineering companies like ourselves will feel the effects of this evolution in CNC.

Great resource! Now all Jon needs is a graphic designer to design a more visually palatable book cover.

@ Cam Machine

It has already started… many CNC companies are having banner years and experiencing great growth in their markets. That being said, the margins are getting stressed due to all the competition in the marketplace.

@ Yana

I’d say that’s my best cover so far – make a search for WoodMarvels in Amazon for comparison. I was going for something a little more colorful this time around using different “virtual materials”. It’s already far better than my first ideas which were essentially what you see now in the back cover being the front.

Thanks Guy for the article btw, greatly appreciated!


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