4-Track: DIY Printed Robot

A unique printable robot design from Thingiverse.com
4Track by Kepler on Thingiverse
I’ve had my eye on Thingiverse user ‘Kepler’ since he released the designs for this caterpillar track back in April. He’s now strapped four of the tracks together to make the intriguing beastie shown above.

The robot platform is completely printable, and comes together with standard hardware and a few rubber O-rings for traction. He teamed up with a friend to design the electronics, using a common gamepad to control each of the the tracks independently.

Designing And Building A Robot

Everything you need to know about designing & building a robot.

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Here’s a video of it in action:

This project has immense potential and the fact that he is sharing his progress for anyone to copy shows a great deal of maker spirit. If you wanted to try building something like this but you’re not fortunate to have your own 3D printer, you can always get it made in your Personal Factory.

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