Rare Keaton music typewriter

Gorgeous vintage device pops up on Etsy

There’s no Arduino board inside, no laser-cutting or CNC machined components, and it certainly does not print in 3d.

However, this 1950s Keaton Music Typewriter has much to admire. The original version was patented by San Francisco inventor Robert H. Keaton in 1936, and further refinement saw units like the one featured here hit the market in the 1950s.

Some say there are now fewer than a dozen known Keaton Typewriters in existance. Seeing this makes me wonder what other specialised technical devices are floating about. These contraptions have value not only as interesting techno-nostalgia, but they can also provide insights and inspiration for the growing numbers of DIY tinkerers making their own CNC and 3d printing machines.

Keaton Music Typewriter via Monogocoro

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