Lasercut Skateboard Jewelry

Recycling skateboards into one of a kind jewelry.

LeeMo and MapleXO have teamed up to make these lasercut love dove earrings and pendant out of old skateboards. Work like this adds another layer to typical lasercutting by putting just as much thought and effort into the material being cut as the design itself.

MapleXO sells a full line of jewelry and accessories made out of old skateboards using traditional tools like saws and drills. Yes, I know it can be easy to forget that some things are still made that way. Maybe these charming earrings will show MapleXO the joy that is lasercutting.

Jewelry Making For Beginners

Everything you need to know about jewelry making for beginners.

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Check out more images after the jump, including MapleXO’s non-lasercut work (as much as I hate to admit it, it’s still good).

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