Identifying Electronic Components

A handy guide to identify electronic components from their symbols.

ElectricalWhat is free visual search engine for identifying electrical components in schematics. Imagine Wikipedia for electronic symbols. Making projects with electronics got a whole lot easier recently with the Ponoko + Sparkfun partnership, but the technical learning curve can still be intimidating. ElectricalWhat  makes one of the more confusing parts of the process, circuit diagrams, just a little bit easier.

To use the search engine, click the tags that describe what you see in the symbol. For example, “triangles: arrow:  two terminals” narrows down your search to two types of diodes. It’s a surprisingly simple way to navigate the complex world of electrical symbols.

For more help getting started, check out this overview of websites with step-by-step directions, and our guide to finding Sparkfun components on the Ponoko site.

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