Nervous System Walks You Through Making an Awesome Trade Show Booth

trade show structures

Science-fashion jewelry + houseware designers Nervous System recently exhibited their work at the New York International Gift Fair.

The NYIGF is a biannual trade show for housewares, home decor, and personal accessories, and is *the* trade show for picking up buyers ranging from boutiques to national chains.

Success at NYIGF isn’t just about having great product; it’s also about having an awesome booth.

In a recent blog post, Nervous System talks about how they created a booth space that both functioned as a showcase for all of their work and carried their distinct cellular aesthetic.

And guess what… They fabricated everything out of “hardboard, cable ties, velcro and paint.”

Jump over to the Nervous blog and pick up a tip or two on putting together your own awesome trade show booth.

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