Laser cut vibrating mirror

Fuzzy reflections for the New Year

As another calendar year clicks over, you may find yourself reflecting on the past 12 months and pondering what the New Year will bring.

Staring into the mirror is one way to indulge in some serious contemplation… and with this interesting project from Instructables user Wolfgang Kahler, gazing at your reflection can have some surprising results.

The mirror has an array of laser-cut discs at its centre, right where the viewer’s face is likely to be positioned. Each disc is connected to a tiny motor that vibrates under the control of an Arduino Uno, with visually compelling patterns achieved in what could be seen as a simple animation.

As you can see from the video after the break, this results in a dynamic interactive experience that is considerably more high-tech than the traditional fun house novelty mirror.  

Wolfgang hopes to have another go by creating a larger array with greater resolution that would also allow for the possibility of more complex animations using the mirror ‘pixels’, and therefore even more intriguing interactions.

Vibrating Pixels Mechanical Mirror via Hack a Day

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Great idea! Love the mirror, looks very unique! 🙂

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