Next-generation electronic printing technologies

New techniques for printing antennae, memory chips, transistors, CMOS, even solar cells
Printed antenna
Hobby 3D printers of the future look set to be pretty exciting, with a whole swathe of new technologies coming on stream. Above is one example: a 3D-printed antenna made from silver ink. The curved surface of the antenna makes it dramatically more efficient than the typical flat antenna you might find in your cellphone.

Printed CMOS TTL
Researchers at PARC and Thinfilm Electronics have developed a printable, flexible computer logic circuit, though they are about a year behind a couple of MakerBot hackers who announced their printable transistors in late 2010.

Printed solar cell
And finally, once you’ve got your printed computer running, why not power it with one of these printed solar cells announced by MIT back in July!

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