3d printed food is coming

It’s time to start playing with your food

We have seen the excitement building around 3d printed chocolate, but let’s get serious here – it’s important to plan for a more balanced diet when it comes our fabricated food future.

So let’s keep those chocolates for dessert, and see what Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab have been cooking up.

The proposition is to build a low-cost 3d printer that can handle more than the regular sway of fluid foods (melted chocolate, cheese, cookie dough etc).

“Foods that can’t be readily extruded from a syringe such as meats and vegetables are ground and mixed with other liquids to create novel food-inks.” – Hod Lipson, head of CCML

Talks are currently underway with Essential Dynamics, a tech startup who plan to produce a commercial version of the Cornell designed 3d food printer that should be priced at around $1000. Founder Jamil Yosefzai believes that the time will come when every kitchen has its own 3d food printer, and he plans to be at the forefront of the customized food revolution.

Via dvice

I cannot see this really taking off, but then again I would have probably said the same thing 10 years ago if someone told me that we would hardly ever use cds! How exactly would it work? Would you print out food that you wanted? Not quite going to work with vegetables!

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