Magnetic drawing machines

Exploring the relationship between process and end result

Machines that can draw have certain magic to them that is quite different to when one watches mere humans producing works of art.

We all know that machines are destined to take over the world, but through the explorations of Jesse Houlding we can prepare for a more cultured mechanical future thanks to his remarkable range of kinetic drawing machines.

The images are produced when magnetic components move behind the paper, on which iron filings have been sprinkled.

The iron filings make different marks based on the strength of the magnetic field that holds them in place.

Blurring the boundaries of what separates a sculpture from other mediums, the Ferrous Wheel (what a great name!) is both a sculpture in its own right and a producer of new artwork.

You can see video of this contraption in action as well as Jesse’s other machines on his YouTube channel.

Jesse Houlding via Colossal

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