Real world keygen

A curious hacker creates a program that generates working 3d printed house keys.

Keys are a special, perennial love of the hacking community. With projects like SNEAKEY and Open Locksport getting the huge press they have in the last year, it’s been a fait accompli that someone would create a procedural method for generating real world keys.

All-around hacker Nirav Patel has done just that. His Physical Keygen project combines his Rep-Rap (an open source FDM style 3d printing machine) with code developed in OpenSCAD (an open source 3d modeling script). Using a combination of measurements taken from a few household keys and a reference chart of manufacturers’ key bit charts he developed the program to take some simple information about any key and develop a working model of it in CAD strong enough to turn an ordinary lock. He’s put up all the relevant files for download so you can generate your own keys.

Via Hack-A-Day

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Great for Specialty Keys, and new Lock System’s Prototypes, too! 🙂

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