Gesture Controlled 3d Modeling

Kinect + Arduino powered gloves & Pure Data = DIY modeling tool

The motion-capturing abilities of Microsoft’s Kinect is taken into new realms with this modeling tool from Sebastian Pirch of 3rD-EYE.

Consisting of a Kinect sensor, power gloves hooked up to an Arduino board and the software interface Pure Data, this ensemble enables a virtual model to be fully manipulated in 3d space. It even includes the usual panning and zooming, just like we’re used to seeing on-screen.

The idea emerged after attempts at point ‘n click gestures became prohibitively cumbersome (and indeed tiring) while using the Kinect. A little programming and electronics know-how meant that Sebastian was able to achieve fine control over the 3d model by wiring switches (attached to an Arduino board) into a set of “fancy gloves”.

Click through for a video demonstration where Sebastian explains his process and thinking along the way.  

Having constructed this working demonstration out of components he had lying around, Sebastian’s suggestions for further enhancements (including the use of a bluetooth module for data transfer and even rumble packs to introduce haptic feedback to the system) imply that it may be worth keeping an ear out for future developments over at 3rd-Eye.

Via Kinect Hacks

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