Mars Rover: Opportunity

Laser Cutting that’s out of this world

Frequent visitors to Ponoko will be familiar with WoodMarvels, a lasercut range from the inspirationally prolific designer Jon Cantin.

Intrigued by the complexity in many of the 270+ WoodMarvels products, CNC contractor Angus Hines decided that he needed to see more than the shiny CG renderings that Jon has become famous for. Being a man of action, Angus joined forces with Jon to get his hands on some plans for the Mars Rover. He then fired up his own machines to cut out all the pieces.

A suitably Martian landscape of red clay was selected for the photoshoot of the finished model Mars Rover: Opportunity. The tinfoil details are a nice touch… and it will be interesting to see NASA’s reaction to those mysterious footprints captured in the frame.

Fans of WoodMarvels are in for a treat; stay tuned on the Ponoko Blog for an upcoming feature in which Jon gives an exclusive run-down of his 3d animation process.

Via Make

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Angus did an incredible job on this model, hats off to him! I hope this finds its way to Scott Maxwell over at NASA… he’s the team leader for the REAL mars rover.

Jon @

Well don’t tell anybody cause NASA doesn’t want you to know, but we have already been to Mars thus the footprints….


This certainly does look like an amazing model! Jon, you got your wish. 🙂

Incidentally, I can’t claim to be the leader of the entire MER team, just of the coolest subset — the rover drivers. Believe me, I wouldn’t want that other job. 🙂

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