MakerBot Automated Build Platform

Now You Can Make Things Over and Over and Over…

The MakerBot already holds a special place in our hearts. So you can well imagine our excitement over the potential to transform the MakerBot from a single-print 3d prototyper into an unstoppable 3d batch-printer.

Fabber fantasy becomes reality with a new add-on for the Makerbot, dubbed the Automated Build Platform. As the name suggests, it consists of a heated build platform combined with an automatic conveyor belt. But don’t let the straightforward name and description fool you – printing out parts will never be the same again.

Instead of printing and then using your clumsy meat sausages to remove the part from the bed… now you can sit back and relax as the conveyor rolls forward after each print is completed; the nozzle is wiped clean and everything is reset, all ready for the next print to begin.

And the best part is that it’ll keep on doing this, over and over and over again.

Follow through for another video… this time watch as the components for an entire Reprap get printed all in one go.

After seeing the recently published MakerBot assembly video, you can get an idea of what it takes to put one of these machines together. The Automated Build Platform is assembled in the same manner after having arrived to your door in many bits and pieces. More than just laser cut goodies – there are electronics involved, and some soldering is required.

A few extra hours (and an additional $160) seems a small price to pay to turn your one-off Makerbot into a fully operational automated factory.

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