Fun and Functional Laser Cut Rubber

designs by Lauren Moriarty

Lauren Moriarty has a knack for designing fun, commercially appealing product designs that merge her background in textile design with digital production. Her work ranges from custom commissions and one-offs to small batch productions and fully manufactured designs.

The Geometric Structure Cushion is made from laser cut and heat formed rubber. Its unique ratio of mass to volume gives this pillow a CAD rendered quality. With color choices like bright pink, lilac, light yellow, and aqua, the Geometric Structure Cushion is like a techie re-imagination of British interior legend, Designers Guild.

Similar projects to the cushion include the Noodle Block Cube and a shelf for the Renault Zoe concept car.

Moriarty has also explored several 2D laser cut designs, such as the  Lace Panels.

The Laser Cut Lace Panel is also made from heat formed rubber and comes in a selection of organic patterns. And in addition to photos of the products, Moriarty has several illustrations of the process behind the designs on her website.

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That is a neat idea… I like it!

Jon @


Another great application of soft materials. In fact, this brings to mind a suggestion for Ponoko: to have a list of links to websites where non-Ponoko sheet materials are offered. It’s very hard to find materials online, it takes tons of Googling, and then you’re not sure what will work in the laser cutter. It’d be great to see a table of materials that have been tried by other designers who don’t mind sharing their “secrets” 🙂

    That’s a great idea, Sherwood! I’ll speak with the team here about it, and we’ll see how best we might put that list together.


Kristen Turner

@Sherwood. Really good idea. I’m also going to start doing a weekly post on materials that Prime member could request. My first one here:

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