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five years of laser-cut fashion

Trends span every discipline of design. What’s hot in automotive colors will find popularity in interior design. The latest architectural statements might reflect the newest jewelry craze. And runway looks are never far from current styles in furniture or product design. Laser-cutting, as we all know, has been around for awhile. But it’s peaking now, and more so than ever in the world of what-to-wear.

Every designer with their head in the game has featured laser-cut looks for the past few seasons. Some keeping it sweet with lace-like designs or simple geometric shapes; others going all out with acrylic exoskeletons sewn to silk. Jump ahead for 29 laser-cut designs from 2006–2010.

(images from unless otherwise noted)

Cary Santiago: Spring 2007

Cary Santiago has also recreated these wonderful dresses in miniature for Barbie. Details here. (images from Flickr)

Chanel: Spring 2009 Couture

Doilies and lace. Lagerfeld invites angels to tea.

Conny Groenewegen: Fall 2006

Conservative gets subversive. (images from CG website)

Emma Cook: Fall 2006

Art Nouveau in shades of grey.

Fendi: Spring 2006

Crisp, starch-white lace from Lagerfeld.

John Paul Gaultier: Fall 2009

And if you haven’t heard, the Bullseye is carrying a licensed JPG line for a limited time. With laser-cutting even!

Gianfranco Ferré: Spring 2004

So these images date back to 2004. But “Oh Six” sounded cool.

Joanna Vanderpuije: Spring 2010

Laser-cut acrylic is so big in 2010, that we see it sewn directly on to garments. (images from JV website)

Marchesa: Spring 2010 & Monique Lhuillier: Resort 2010

Red carpet stand-outs. Check out Rihanna at the AMAs.

Mi kyoung Kim: Spring 2010

She’s got it all: digitally printed trousers, a laser-cut chiffon blossoms, and check out the feathering of that wool coat!

Stephane Rolland: Spring 2010 Couture

Intricate pieces of laser-cut plexiglass create sci-fi silhouettes. (Images from

Valentino: Spring 2010

Black leather is laser-cut and embossed with a field of roses.

Versus: Spring 2010

Donatella gets to true Italian roots with this Roman inspired collection.

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Liz Wong

If Ponoko starts offering laser cut leather or other fabrics in large sizes, I’m going to die of happiness. Die!

Mi Kyoung Kim is a student who just completed her MA in Digital Fashion here at LCF, you can find her website here:
Looks like your slight misspelling is what is causing the problems. I am sure she would like to know she is being featured on your site, her email is



Kristen Turner

Updates have been made. Thank you so much Philip for your help!

Hey Liz

What size would you be interested in?

@Kristen – great post! Laser cut fashion is super cool.

Kristen Turner

Thanks, Dan. When I first started writing, one of my goals was to bring a fashion/textile base to the blog. I’m psyched to see that it’s really worked.

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