Pamoyo – a bit of open source clothing with a bit of recycling.

The strangely similarly named Pamoyo are “a fashion label with green vision and creative edge”, releasing their designs under Creative Commons licenses for non-commercial use. Although the source isn’t on the website yet, the shop is online: A V-neck tee will set you back a not unreasonable 35 Euros.

Pamoyo are apparently the first label to apply an open source model using Creative Commons, the non-commercial share-alike license presumably meaning that they won’t be able to commercialise any adaptations by users without their permission. So the model is really one of personal customisation rather than developing manufacturable products.

I particularly like their materials policy: Pieces are made from a mixture of organic cotton and scraps of vintage material, and it looks like each unique piece will be listed on the site, so that one searches by size and ‘base colour’, then picks the most suitable option. Can they adopt a Ponoko model of more localised manufacturing points so that those vintage scraps might be from clothes you gave to the local charity shop last month?

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