Hiring a Content & Email Marketing Manager


We have a part time Content & Email Marketing Manager role (developing into a full time role if you wish) for a B2B communicator who’s in the digital product design, making and commercialisation space.

You’ll be leading, planning, creating & promoting remarkable content and email newsletters for our online community of 145,000 makers, designers, Kickstarter entrepreneurs, ETSY sellers, brands/businesses and creative agencies. And to help us change the world.


* You believe what we believe … That mass production is going local.

* You value what we value … That striving for greatness is exciting.

* You have a deep desire to help makers, designers, Kickstarter entrepreneurs, ETSY sellers, brands/businesses and creative agencies be successful at making beautiful custom products, and commercialising them. This will make it easy for you to smile, persevere and shine through the ups and downs our customers experience on their personal creative journeys, and the ups and downs we experience on ours.

* You are:

– In love with writing and storytelling. Especially B2B content for makers.
– Experienced with digital making (laser cutters and/or 3D printers).
– Someone who loves to focus on writing shareable content.
– A crack interviewer and an excellent editor.
– Skilled at content SEO (keyword research, placement, links). Know basic HTML.
– Practised at audience segmentation for email marketing.
– A natural at content promotion across various channels.
– Excited by metrics and measurement, because we can’t improve without.
– Effective at project management, especially the content schedule.
– An expert in tools like WordPress, MailChimp & Kissmetrics.
– A happy soul. Who communicates well with our global team. And likes a laugh.
– Proactive. Detailed. Process driven. *All three.*
– Someone who loves to lead, and prefers working independently.
– Ideally, but not essential, someone with skills in graphic design, video editing, content hub creation and building, Moz, BuzzSumo, Hittail and other such tools.


You’ll be our part time Content & Email Marketing Manager (2 – 4 days per week). You’ll be the trusted public voice of our company. You’ll enable us to connect with and nurture people from being strangers to visitors to members to customers to advocates.

Your typical work includes:

* Achieving 2 Key Goals – new account/email signups (customer acquisition via promoted content) and new revenues (customer retention via email marketing). Mutually agreed, then measured and reported weekly.

* Content Hub & Email Marketing Schedule – create, manage & execute our new content hub plan (with SEO firmly in hand), plus content creation and promotion schedule (including fortnightly email newsletter). Includes managing at least 2 content contributors.

* Content Success Measurement – manage existing and implement new tracking to measure the success of our content & email marketing. Analyse & interpret metrics in light of our goals, and adjust future actions accordingly.

* Content Creation – research and create new (and repurpose / repackage existing) self generated & user generated content. Includes your stories about materials, how-to make/sell & our customers. Also includes copywriting for our product updates and general news supplied by team members.

* Content Promotion – via fortnightly newsletter creation & distribution to audience segments, via owned media (EG – our social accounts) & via earned media (EG – blogger relationships).

* Attending 2 Weekly Meetings – one full team discussion about company and individual goals & results, plus one content & email marketing discussion about plans & tasks to achieve goals.


* Freedom and independence to lead and make this all yours.
* Competitive market pay.
* Minimum 4 weeks paid time off per year.
* Employee rates on laser cutting your own stuff.


Dreamed up in 2006, Ponoko believes mass production is going local.

We saw a possibility of the third industrial revolution (distributed digital mass production) growing out of prior revolutions (centralized analog mass production).

Hence in 2007 Ponoko launched at the first TechCrunch conference as the world’s first to enable designers to make & sell downloadable product designs online.

Since then a community of 145,000 makers, designers, Kickstarter entrepreneurs, ETSY sellers, brands, businesses and creative agencies have made over 425,000 custom products online. And they’ve sold them via our website, their own websites, ETSY, Kickstarter, design events, to main street retailers, and gifted them to friends, customers, at conferences and promotional events.

With no minimum order size, online quoting and online making, it’s 10x faster than ever for designers to prototype, make and sell their custom product ideas online.

Recognised as a pioneering leader of the online digital making industry, we have been featured in places like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, CNN Money, Inc. Magazine (cover story), Forbes, Wired, Core77, TechCrunch, Makezine, MIT Technology Review, BBC News and The Economist.

Your appointment will enable us to use your content marketing skills to increase website traffic and signups, and your email marketing experience to increase revenues via customer activation and retention.


Email derek-at-ponoko-dot-com to send your resume, your 3 favorite writing samples (including an infographic if you have one), and your answers to these questions:

1) Why do you want this role?
2) What gaps might exist between what we need and what you have?
3) Why are you the best person for this role?

We’re looking forward to meeting you …

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