Laser cut box-set

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #151

Above is a laser etched butcher diagram cutting board from Wood Ink.

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After the jump, cutting boards, cats, coasters, and boot keepers…

Above is a laser etched walnut cutting board from MRC Wood Products.

Above is a laser cut acrylic Celtic Cat necklace from Chain of Being.

Above is a laser cut wood coaster from Green Wood LT.

Above are laser cut wool blend Boot Keepers from Keeper Goods via Renegade Craft Fair.

3 Responses to “Laser cut box-set”

  1. dia Says:

    I’m unclear — are these products lasered by you guys? Or are these examples in general of lasercut stuff?

  2. Nicoleta Gana Says:

    Oh, these are so beautiful. Such great Christmas gifts. This post really inpired me of a gift to my husband. thanks!

  3. Dan Emery Says:

    @dia – Sometimes it will be products we have cut but most often these are examples of inspirational products that have been laser cut.

    @Nicoleta – Great to hear!