Get a FREE $50 making voucher with any $50 making order at Ponoko!

Type KICKOFF in the special shipping instructions

The big making season is getting in gear, and we’re kicking it off with your favorite deal.

Spend $50 or more at Ponoko, get a FREE $50 Making Voucher!

To get your $50 making voucher:
1. Log in to your Ponoko account. If you don’t have one, sign up for free here.
2. Place a $50 minimum order at the Ponoko US or NZ hub.

3. Type KICKOFF in the special shipping instructions, and we’ll email you your $50 Making Voucher.

Things you should know: Offer is for making stuff with Ponoko. Showroom or sample store purchases do not qualify. $50 minimum does not include shipping. Other coupon codes or vouchers cannot be used with this offer. Offer only good at Ponoko US and NZ. Offer totally valid for Ponoko Prime accounts! Offer ends at 8pm pacific time on October 8, 2012.

About the free Making Voucher: Promotional making voucher is good for a future order, not the initial $50 order. One promotional voucher per account. (Making Vouchers are good on making costs only.)

11 Responses to “Get a FREE $50 making voucher with any $50 making order at Ponoko!”

  1. KB Says:

    Sounds like a great deal. I tried to enter the code about a minute ago and all I could enter was “KICKOF” It didn’t have enough space to put in the extra “F”
    Any help with this?

  2. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi KB.
    You don’t put it in the coupon code section. You type it in the special shipping instructions when you place the order.

  3. Kb Says:

    Ha, rookie mistake. Thanks for clearing that up. Really happy with the service you provide. Order will be placed tonight. Thanks 🙂

  4. Kat Says:

    What are the dates when the $50 voucher can be used?

  5. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi Kat, the free vouchers from this promo will expire January 31, 2013.

  6. Doug Says:

    At what step in the Making process will the email voucher be sent out? I entered the code in “Special shipping instructions” a couple of days ago when I placed my order and that order has now passed the first two steps, so the make process is currently 10% complete. Thanks.

  7. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi Doug,
    The vouchers are created manually and sent out in batches about every 2-3 days. You will get your voucher today for sure!

  8. Phil Says:

    Hey guys, I got a voucher a few months ago, will I be able to get another one if I order now?


  9. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi Phil. Yes you can. It’s only one voucher per account PER PROMO.

  10. Mahfuzur Khan Says:

    I mistakenly put the code in the notes instead of in the shipping directions. Is there any way I can fix it?

  11. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi Mahfuzur. Gotchya all fixed up. Expect a voucher tomorrow or day after. : )