Support a documentary about hackers and hackerspaces around the world

An opportunity for a look inside a little-known world.

Hackers have been a common topic on the news in the last couple years, but they are usually portrayed in a one-sided and, almost exclusively, negative way. Events surrounding Wikileaks, Anonymous, and Pirate Bay have all attracted intense scrutiny by governments and police. Film collective RåFILM wants to create a full-feature documentary film about the world of hackers and hackerspaces.

This film will crash land in the middle of the conflict currently taking place between those who want to keep technology and the Internet free and those who want to control it. We want to make this documentary and release it under a creative commons license so that everyone can see the film. But for this to happen we need your help.

If you want to help make this happen, support the project through their Indiegogo campaign.

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