NEW material: Black Ceramics for 3D printing

Available in gloss AND satin finishes!

Introducing our popular Glazed Ceramic material for 3D printing now in badass BLACK.

The new black comes in both a classic slick gloss finish and a stealthy lookin’ satin finish. Prices for both blacks start from $0.19/cm2 for Ponoko free accounts and are based on the surface area of your object (not the volume).

Black Glazed Ceramic (plain/gloss)

Black Glazed Ceramic (satin)

Now you can finally make the other half of that 3D printed chess set. Or some jack-o-lantern votives in time for Halloween.

Just be sure to read the full material page for Glazed Ceramic materials, because they require a little design foresight.

And don’t miss these 3 helpful bulletpointed links:
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