Ponoko + Arduino = DIY MIDI controller framework

Fantastic tutorial on how to build your own custom designs

Digital music production tools are so powerful these days that it seems you can compose and perform just about any kind of music entirely on a laptop. One of the weak points of digital production though is the physical interface: it’s hard to be expressive when you’re pushing your finger around a trackpad. You can have a lot more control if you have a few physical knobs and sliders and buttons. Enter the generic MIDI controller.

MIDI controllers are a popular DIY project as they are relatively basic: a suite of buttons and knobs wired to some kind of controller and mounted in a case. Instructables user Fuzzy Wobble has put together a fantastic tutorial on how to build your own MIDI controller. His approach is clean and affordable, using Ponoko’s laser-cutting service for the panels, and an Arduino-clone for the controller. Best of all, the tutorial is not just about how to build one unit, rather he aims to show you how to design your own custom controller.

He’s obviously a big fan of his Personal Factory, and his designs are gorgeous.

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