Awesome laser cut bendy corners

Laser cutting technique for bending plywood

I’m a big fan of UK open-source & DIY company oomlout. I used their work as the basis of my laser cut project box design tutorial back in August.

They’re back again with a new construction technique that I can’t wait to try out. By simply creating a series of alternating slots in a length of plywood, it is possible to create flexible flowing curves: something that has always been challenging with the two-dimensional nature of laser cutting. They have provided their design files in a wide range of different formats so you can start experimenting with curves in your next laser cut project.

2 Responses to “Awesome laser cut bendy corners”

  1. Edgar Castelo Says:

    This is pure genius! Mankind’s ingenuity is alive and kicking, still…

  2. Michal Says:

    Brilliant, you can later glue veneer on both sides and have beautiful finish.