Introducing the singularity drive

3D printed robot propulsion platform
Singularity drive robot platform

At the start of this month, the IEEE electronics blog ran a fascinating story on a unique robot drive system that a grad student had invented (or re-invented).

The singularity drive system consists of a rubber hemisphere spinning vertically, like a top, that can be tilted front-to-back and left-to-right. This changes the point of contact with the ground, allowing the robot to drive in any direction or speed, forwards or backwards, without the need for any additional steering or transmission system.

Three weeks later, having been inspired by the IEEE article, another student demo’s his version of the singularity drive, this time on a 3D printed platform.

On his website he says he’d like to share his CAD files but hasn’t decided how best to do this. If you want to have a tinker with his design be sure to drop him a line and encourage him to share the files on Ponoko!

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  1. Edgar Castelo Says:

    Why, tell him to download NetFabb, it does a lot of file format import/export!