Five unusual 3D printed gears

The most complicated and strange printed gear systems.

All of these gear systems really work, which can be tricky with 3D printing. I don’t think any of these have a practical use, but they are just cool. They would make great gifts or desk toys.

Above: Mobius gear by Aaron Hoover. It looks impossible, but it does work. The trick is that the center gear belt is made from a flexible material.

There are four more unusual gears after the jump!

Untitled gears by Rich Lyons

Elliptical gears by j_hodgie

Heart Gears by John Abella

TriGears by Oskar and Bram Cohen

Via Make and Flickr

2 Responses to “Five unusual 3D printed gears”

  1. Will Says:

    These are wonderful! Could you please post brief youtube videos or .gif files of how they look when someone turns them?

  2. Taylor Gilbert Says:

    I would love to, but these were all made by different people so I don’t have access to them. Sorry.