4 New Leather Flavors

We just added 4 new delicious flavors of leather to the USA catalog, Dark Brown, Auburn, Tan and Black. They are 2.5mm/0.098″ in thickness and are vegetable tanned meaning no chemicals were harmed in the making of this leather.

Great for making belts, picture frames, hand bags, book binding, carving, stamping.

Hint – Laser cutting holes in your pattern and pieces can be stitched neatly by hand.

Collect them all.

3 Responses to “4 New Leather Flavors”

  1. Duann Says:

    ooooh nice

  2. steve aldeus Says:

    This is awesome does it have the same flexibility as the upholstery weight leather? Is it possible to get the upholstery weight leather in different colors.

  3. Dan Emery Says:

    The vege tanned leathers are stiffer and thicker than the upholstery leather.

    It is possible to get another upholstery leather color as a Material Request.