Morphed Bracelet

Ponoko Product Of The Week

With Ponoko’s Personal Factory 4 now offering 3d printing services, things are becoming more and more interesting in the Ponoko Showroom.

This week we feature the Morphed Bracelet from design duo Nervous.
The organic cell-like structure is becoming a bit of a signature element for Jesse and Jessica, whose respective backgrounds in Mathematics and Biology (amongst other things) places them uniquely qualified to incorporate nature-inspired patterns into their eye-catching jewellery designs.

Available from the Ponoko Showroom in 3d printed Stainless Steel, the $120 Morphed Bracelet is a unique design that is sure to complement your own wrist’s angles, curves and indeed cells.

2 Responses to “Morphed Bracelet”

  1. Rudie Says:

    Let me get this: they 3-d printed a design in plastic or wax and did a lost wax mold to make this in stainless steel?

    You can or cannot make dies for steel molds directly?


  2. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi Rudie,
    The bracelet is directly printed in steel. There is no wax mold. Check out this post on our 3D printed materials (and scroll down to Stainless Steel) for a little more on how it works: