High-Maintenance Hairdos

laser cut bouffants

I would love a return to ridiculously wonderful women’s hairstyles. The trend of fabulous locks was last seen in ubiquity in the 1960s and died as women entered the workforce. However impractical and time-consuming a bouffant might be, it’s a shame that white women nowadays put their hair in a ponytail and call it a day.

And just maybe, Sandra Fettingis feels the same way.

Fettingis has been using the language of laser-cut hairdos since 2007. Her series of ‘laser heads’ and ‘pattern heads’ give 18th Century hairstyles a 1960s vibe, something like Aubrey Beardsley‘s illustrations of The Rape of the Lock mixed with Milton Glaser‘s iconic Bob Dylan poster.

Fettingis’ latest work, however, abandones the ancien regime and embraces contemporary — if still a bit Sixties — styling. These black, white, and mirrored acrylic pieces were made for Project Hello, a community group of Denver’s creative people.

5 Responses to “High-Maintenance Hairdos”

  1. Guy Blashki Says:

    I’m all with you on this one, Kristen! The eighties-revival big hair has nothing on those 1960’s bouffants.
    Bring it back, I say. Just don’t sit in front of me at the cinema with your giant beehive hairdo 🙂

  2. duann Says:

    You can ALWAYS see past a tidy 1950’s flat top in the cinema…

  3. Linda Says:

    Thanks, as always, for bringing such interesting and creative work to our attention!

    [P.S. Kristen – a frock is a dress!]

  4. Kristen Turner Says:

    HAHHA oops, I meant to say LOCKS.

  5. Kristen Turner Says:

    That’s what I get for writing articles at midnight.