3d Printed Fabrics – Super Strong and Flexible

There have been some interesting explorations happening over at Shapeways. Just in time for SIGGRAPH 2010, these 3d printed digi-fabrics are most probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Except maybe rubber. Apparently they behave just like a rubbery fabric – with strength under compression and a degree of flexibility when tension is applied. But they came out of a 3d printer! Amazing.

Check out the following video… I can’t wait to see how far people take this! Fancy-dress parties will never be the same again.

We found a few gems at SIGGRAPH last year; stay tuned for more goodies from the 2010 event.

Shapeways via Duann(!) from Design You Trust

7 Responses to “Digi-Fabrics”

  1. Kristen Turner Says:

    Our blog looks so much cooler with embedded videos.

  2. Vadim P Says:

    Oh god no. As if the fabric today in the first world countries isn’t shitty enough – they’ll want you to wear *plastic*?

  3. Leslie Says:

    That’s amazing! The stuff coming out of 3D printers continue to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. duann Says:

    Kirsten, the blog has always been cool.

  5. duann Says:

    I mean Kristen.


  6. Mary Says:

    how—where can I get a digi-fabric?

    Please do not publish my address.

  7. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi Mary. I would contact Shapeways and ask them about it.