Treadway Mobility: Wearable Motorized Shoes

Motorized shoes you can walk in.

“Creative transportation” company Treadway is developing motorized shoes. They want to bridge the gap between other forms of transportation. Trains and buses will take you most of the way to where you’re going, but you usually have to walk the rest of the way. Treadway is trying to make something you’ll barely notice until you you need it yet will still let you travel at around 10 miles/hour.

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The video gives a good overview of the sequence of prototypes for this project. I think they still have a little ways to go before most people would use the device, but the amount of progress is impressive. By the end of the video the device consists of only a motor on top of the foot and something like a tiny conveyor belt bellow the heel, yet it still appears to function well.

If you’re reminded of Heelys, you’re not alone . . . Now if Treadway Mobility could somehow find a way to make their device as well-integrated into a shoe as Heelys, then they would be onto something.

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