Prizmatic jewellery by stone and honey

Subtle enough for everyday wear, but still bold enough to stand out.

This new and innovative collection features bold, ethereal pieces fashioned from brazilian agate and delicate metalwork. crisp geometric design combines with the rough-hewn beauty of natural agate for a look that is modern, eye catching and rich in contrast. because no two stones are alike, each piece is one of a kind. this singularity allows for endless possibilities and a collection that is constantly evolving. in addition to work in agate and sterling silver, stone and honey have also created a complementary line of delicate gold fill necklaces, perfect for everyday wear. stone and honey(previously mentioned by Kristen) marks the beginning of an entirely new direction for the smallthings studio.

Reminding me a little of the work of Nervous in their Ponoko showroom, I really like the angular motif with fine details. For a completely different take on the same aesthetic check out Spinthread who are doing it, with embroidery…

4 Responses to “Prizmatic jewellery by stone and honey”

  1. Kristen Turner Says:

    I wrote about their earlier stuff here:

  2. Kristen Turner Says:

    I really like the embroidery. Textiles are getting so trendy. Yay.

  3. Duann Says:

    Sorry mate
    but that was 2008
    time for an update

  4. Duann Says:

    And sorry for the rhyming.
    Textiles are SO popular here in Australia.
    Every design/craft market is flooded with them.

    Oh yeah, Bowerbird Bazaar is on this weekend in Adelaide.