Ten Tips for Creating Your Own Product Line

from Digital Arts

Draw Some Cash is one of the latest feature articles from Digital Arts and offers creatives ten tips for making a line of designer product. The article touches on the varied aspects of business and creativity, from the design and production to pricing and marketing. This suggestion comes from TIP SIX: Shout About It.

The biggest favour you can do yourself is getting very good high-res photos of your product: you’ll need general photos of the product against a plain background, showing exactly what it looks like, and more imaginative close-ups focusing on details, or showing the product in use. A good set of images will help capture the attention of potential stockists and buyers alike – and boost your chances of getting into magazines and blogs.

We bloggers love some fabulous product shots! So if you’re an artist or designer wanting to join the force of entrepreneurial creatives, it’s definitely worth a quick read through. And when you get to TIP THREE: Start a Chain Reaction (materials and manufacturing), think about Ponoko!

One Response to “Ten Tips for Creating Your Own Product Line”

  1. Jon Says:

    Great find Kristen… I’ve been doing this since a few months before I joined Ponoko.

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com