Wood Marvels: The Most Prolific Person on Ponoko

240 Items in the Showroom and Still Expanding
You know when you have 27 pages and 240 unique products in your Ponoko Showroom you can comfortably call yourself the most prolific person on Ponoko. Wood Marvels designer, Jon Cantin, has posted a huge variety of toys, puzzles, organizers and even a pen tidy, he is like an online Ikea in his own right.
Along with the products, each design comes with a 3D assembly animation to show you how everything goes together and to give perspective beyond a simple picture.

Jon has deservedly been one of Ponoko’s Featured Designer and his entire business model frees him up to design, while Ponoko handles the materials, manufacture and shipping..

For more info check out the Wood Marvels site and Blog or BUY HIS BOOK on Amazon

Does this man sleep?

One Response to “Wood Marvels: The Most Prolific Person on Ponoko”

  1. Jon Says:

    Thanks Duann for the mention, I’m actually in the process of editing a follow-up book geared 100% towards laser cut models, the first volume I made used round dowels. I’ve learned SO MUCH since then the that this book will totally rock!

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com