Big Game: Flat Pack, Folded and Ready-Mades

elric petit, augustin scott de martinville and gregoire jeanmonod make up the design studio big game.
based in belgium and switzerland they have been creating objects such as furniture and lighting since

READY MADE is a collection of objects taken out of context and changing function. such as BIRDPLATE: A bird feeder composed of a maple wood shelter and a removable bread plate, and BLANK: Transforming a neon sign into an indoor lamp by subtracting the message and adding a switch.

Perhaps of more interest to Ponoko users is there Fold series which is a series of designs using Alucobond or PACK SWEET PACK: A series of household objects inspired by industrial packaging, including FLATPACK: a hand tufted wool rug refering to the most rudimentary way of protecting a floor: a simple sheet of cardboard lain on the ground.

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