Articulated CNC Robots are Kinda Scary

It sounds good in theory, a robot with a CNC head, until you see it working.

There is something deeply creepy about the way an insectoid robot moves, especially if it has a routing bit rotating at 22000 rpm as a head.
Matt Denton AKA: Winchy_Matt from MicroMagic Systems using B.F.Hexapod with an additional floating pen attachment, and a utility to convert DXF files into translation commands for the p.Brain controller, has built a walking CNC router!
The implications of this are huge, and a little scary, perhaps it is the fatalist in me but I can just imagine the robot crawling over a human head and inflicting some unwanted neurosurgery, or perhaps a little trepanning? I am sure there are other applications in the mining industry where these little guy’s could crawl in, drill core samples and crawl out. Or perhaps it could be a way to rescue people trapped in an earthquake type situation, but I keep thinking back to the trepanning….
Worse still if this was incorporated with the BigDog robot, previously mentioned on the Ponoko Blog

via Dave via Boing Boing

5 Responses to “Articulated CNC Robots are Kinda Scary”

  1. Dan Says:

    That is so cool. I want one.

  2. csven Says:

    You might find this constantly updated thread on the PDF forum of interest, since it contains both this CNC robot and some other goodies (like Bowling Green’s ceramic fab experiments) –

  3. Jon Says:

    That is really cool… I have now been able to replace my fear of organic spiders with CNC headed robospiders. Thanks?

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  4. Scott Says:

    I SO want one of these!!

    They were smart to break down the parts list. Kind of hides the fact that the overall price of a finished unit is a bit high.

    I’d love to build one myself but not sure if I am up to the task. Sure wish they could get a major manufacturer on board to reduce costs and sell them pre-assembled.

  5. vortextradingcompany Says:

    That’s awesome and frightening at the same time.