In Store: Laser Cut Summer Cards


It’s a little late, but happy 4th of July to those in the States. So enjoy these fireworks featured on Japanese greeting cards!

card3As Roy mentioned here, I too am a big fan of papercraft. And according to the article at Ping Mag, it was Japanese tradition to give summer greeting cards.

Letterpress and Gocco (stay tuned) have really been the rage in the field of stationery. But laser cutting adds such an intricate depth and window to the paper behind it.

These cards from Sanrio really use the lace-like qualities of cut paper to create a unique scene on top that interacts the printed scene beneath.

card4card5Another aspect to laser cut paper, is the sense of texture you get. The Hummingbird Card Company, founded just last year by friends Sally-Ann and Suzi, translates their talent in fashion detailing to these beautiful wedding invitations. Their intricate designs mimic both the the careful detail of embroidery and the delicate femininity of lingerie.



card8The laser cut cards at Blend Creations takes a more graphic approach, matching ornate designs or typography to brightly colored backgrounds.




3 Responses to “In Store: Laser Cut Summer Cards”

  1. Jon Says:

    That is really neat – I had always assumed, wrongly of course, that paper wasn’t “laser cutter friendly” as it would just burn it to shreds.

    Hopefully in a few years somebody figures-out how to burn using different colors so laser cutters can actually “paint” as well as “burn” materials!

    Jon – Create Unique Memories

  2. Vivian Says:

    Thanks Indigo for including our cards in amongst all those other beautiful laser-cut cards.

    Jon — we’ve burned a few sheets of paper in ours trials! 🙂 It all depends on the ppi, speed and power combinations. We use about a 30W laser and the biggest difference is the low ppi, of about 300. For less burning, it also helps to cut on the back side of the final art.

    It is rather fun to see just how spindly a design we can get away with! Some of our recent wedding invitations we did ( little stems of about 0.5 mm wide.

  3. Hawmij Says:

    Yeah printers are a great idea. You could upload an image, print that on card/paper and then lasercut it and send it to them. Paper’s cheap to send I hear there used to be these things called letters. It’s be like them but holier.